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How to Beat The Heat at Work This Summer

It is officially the summer season (as on June 21, 2017) and we understand that even the most pleasant workplaces can become a nightmare in the heat of the summer. Between the heat from outside to the heat coming from insides, businesses of all sizes can feel like a furnace this time of year. Add in the humidity of the Carolinas and you’ve got a living nightmare for a work space.

Summer is known to be the least productive time of year because employees are distracted due to the uncomfortable nature of being at work. To combat this lack of productivity, we’ve composed a few ideas of how to prevent summer burnout.

Computers produce an unbearable amount of heat, this heat can counter act with the cool air from HVAC units and thus combine with the outdoor heat coming in creating a vey unpleasant and warm working environment. If you allow your staff to work at home for some hours per week you may find their change of scenery increases their productivity and event staff morale. In fact, Stanford University found a 22% increase in productivity with remote working.

If working from home is not an option, consider changing the scenery at the workplace. While it may not be possible at the height of the summer, trying to hold meetings outside can prevent employees from dozing off. In addition, the vitamin D gained from being outdoors can stimulate productivity and creative thinking.

During the summer, the heat is already going to make working conditions difficult and often unbearable so it is hugely important to switch off the lights in rooms that are not in use. Keeping the lights off in break rooms, meeting rooms or stock will keep these places as cool as possible for when they need to be occupied. Send out a summer email reminding employees to turn off lights behind them or put up signs reminding them to do so. In addition to cooling off rooms, turning off the lights will help to conserve electricity as well and cut down on your monthly bills.

If you business requires business attire year round, you are likely to experience a dip in productivity during the summer months merely due to employees being hot and uncomfortable. During the scorching day of summer, allowing members of staff to come into work in casual clothing may restore productivity.

In the end, the summertime is traditionally the least productive season of the year so combat the reasons with strategies. Get mini portable fans for each employee to have at their desk, allocate special times to go outside and enjoy the weather such as company BBQ for lunch, encourage casual dress, provide plenty of water and consider changing the scenery for employees either with outdoor meetings or remote work hour options.

Don’t forget to make sure your office is being regularly cleaned by a professional team of commercial cleaners to prevent the grime of summertime from building up. Summer is the ideal time for mildew and mold to grow between the heat and moisture, so ensure your office is being deep cleaned regularly to ensure everything is clean and sanitized!