Your Break Room is Where Everyone Gathers...Keep it Clean!

Your Breakroom is where everyone Gathers... Keep it Clean!The break room is a safe sanctuary for employees. It provides them with a space where they can unwind and have a few moments away from their busy schedule. It’s there so they can have coffee, lunch or snacks in peace and enjoy the company of their colleagues.  

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Surviving the Flu Season - Best Practices to Preventing a Flu Pandemic in Your Office

A woman sitting on the floor with a blanket wiping her noseThe winter season offers many fun things, such as an opportunity to bundle up in warm clothes, drink lots of hot chocolate, and play in the snow. But along all those exciting things, it also brings some not-so-fun things such as the irksome flu! With the arrival of the chilly winds in the atmosphere comes the perverse flu virus that wreaks havoc everywhere, leading to absenteeism in schools and offices. While most schools try to remain proactive to weather the flu season unscathed and take the necessary measures, many offices don't follow a similar protocol, which leads to sick employees and empty chairs at workplaces. But if project managers and department heads hire relevant services to disinfect the office space and install sanitization stations, they can significantly control the spread of the flu. If you want to have a hundred percent attendance at your workplace, consider taking the following measures.

Keep the Restrooms Clean

Restrooms are the favorite resting place of the flu virus; therefore, you must make arrangements to keep them clean at all times. Hire janitors who will work in shifts around the clock to keep the restrooms sparkling clean.

Hire a Competent Janitorial Service

Aside from the restrooms, the flu virus also likes to dwell on surfaces and various objects in an office, such as tables, pen holders, doorknobs, etc. To keep those points clean, hire a topnotch commercial building cleaning company such as Service Master Clean that will not only clean the exposed areas but also sanitize and disinfect them.

Many cleaning agencies do not know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. While all these words are used synonymously, they do not have the same meaning. Cleaning is removing any visible dirt and debris while sanitizing is reducing any bacteria or viruses present on a surface, whereas disinfecting is killing harmful pathogens on different surfaces. Hire cleaners that know the difference between all these cleaning methods so that your workplace is thoroughly cleaned.

Besides making arrangements for cleaning your workplace, you should also set up a vaccine clinic and encourage respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene. Lastly, send sick employees home to keep others safe and healthy.

If you are looking for a commercial building maintenance service, reach out to us at Service Master Clean Wake County. Our workers know how to meticulously clean a place in order to keep its occupants safe. Don't wait for the winter season to sneak up on you and make the necessary arrangements ahead of time.

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Top 3 Ways Regular Cleaning Services Can Save Your Business More than Money

Cleaning cart in the lobby of an office buildingWhen you are considering whether or not your business can afford to outsource your cleaning needs to a professional janitorial services, it’s important to think about not only the initial upfront costs that come with it. A commercial cleaning company like ServiceMaster of Wake County can not only help improve the overall look and impression of your business, but can also save your company money in the long run.

We’ve composed a list of the top three benefits that will save you and your business time, stress, and to save your company money.

1.  As we mentioned in our recent blog posts, The Importance of a Clean Bathroom and How to Make a Good First Impression with your Office Space the cleanliness and appearance of your place of business can really resonate with your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

2.  A clean workplace is a happy workplace and a positive work environment has been proven to increase productivity among employees. When your workplace is clean, your employees perform better.

3.  When your workplace is cleaned and maintained regularly then small issues and problems will be brought to your attention sooner than later and before they become bigger problems.

ServiceMaster of Wake County is here to answer all your questions about how we can help your business save money, prevent stress and provide a positive work environment for your employees and customers. Contact us today for a free estimate and set up your workplace on a routine cleaning schedule.

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The Future of Healthcare Cleaning

The Future of Healt Healthcare facilities need to be absolutely clean so that infections don’t spread and you don’t get sickerhcare CleaningIn the 21st century, as awareness of a greater number of infections is spreading from the right and left of us, hospitals are seeing an ever-growing number of patients.

A hospital or a healthcare center needs to be a place where you heal. However, lately, there is a risk of infections spreading and getting worse even while in the hospital, known as the risk of ‘associated infection.’

In circumstances such as these, you need to make sure that any commercial cleaning services you hire for your hospital in Wake County NC are reliable and ones you can trust.

Why is Hospital Cleaning More Challenging?
Infections associated with improper cleaning of healthcare facilities can affect over a million people worldwide each year. The good thing, however, is that most of these infections can be avoided.

What you have to be sure of is that the commercial cleaning services you hire have proper infection prevention mechanisms in place.

The reason these measures are most important in a hospital is that hospitals are already potential breeding grounds for illness and disease.

For this very reason, the commercial cleaning services you hire for your healthcare facilities are extremely important.

Unclean or not properly cleaned healthcare facilities can be detrimental, since they can be the cause of unwanted and unnecessary illnesses and even death.

How to Pick the Right Cleaning Company?
To make sure you stay on top of things with the future of healthcare cleaning, you will need to pick your commercial cleaning services very carefully.

Any company you hire needs to understand just how crucial infection prevention is and can be. Make sure to opt for a company that holds a Certification of Mastery in Infection Prevention (CMIP).

This ensures that the company understands all the dangers of healthcare cleaning done wrong or taken too lightly.

At ServiceMaster, Wake County, we make sure to provide professional, commercial, licensed cleaning services to all our customers across Wake County, NC and beyond! Visit our website for more details!

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ServiceMaster Clean Wake Can Help You Get Back in Business

Back to Business Page Flyer 

ServiceMaster Clean Wake County can help you give your employees and customers the confidence to adjust to the new normal. As the country begins to relax stay at home orders and businesses reopen, companies must have plans in place to further reduce the spread and threat of the current virus.






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What’s the Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection?

Cleaning Sanitizing Disinfection Flyer ServiceMaster Clean Wake County has years of experience cleaning and disinfecting hospitals, commercial spaces, and other facilities that are at risk for exposure to various infectious diseases. Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Sanitizing lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects.

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A Safe Workplace Directly Impacts the Bottomline

Safe Workplaces Impact Bottom Line Flyer

ServiceMaster Clean Wake County has years of experience cleaning and disinfecting hospitals, commercial spaces, and other facilities that are at risk for exposure to various infectious diseases. Our expert, high-quality cleaning starts with training and a thorough, scientific common-sense approach. Using the most effective products and protocols to break the chain of infection helps protect you, your customers, and your spaces.

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ServiceMaster Clean - The Industry Leader in Healthcare Cleaning Services

Someone looking at XRAYSAny form of commercial cleaning, be it retail store cleaning or corporate cleaning, requires specialized knowledge and techniques to get sparkling surfaces and spaces. Most facilities that use commercial cleaning services are some of the busiest enterprises in town, so they cannot afford a lousy cleaning job because that will interfere with their work. An ill-kempt working space affects the efficiency of its employees and puts off clients. While that holds true for all community places, it is exceptionally accurate in the case of healthcare facilities.

If a healthcare facility is not adequately scrubbed and sanitized, it will turn away patients and bring down the efficiency of staff members. Plus, it will be harmful to patients with weak immunity. Sick people are more susceptible to picking up infections and viruses in an unclean environment. Therefore, a medical facility must have a pristine state of cleanliness so that its patients recover faster and stay safe.

Hiring the Right People for Healthcare Cleaning
So how can a healthcare center have an immaculately sanitized environment? It’s simple, by hiring the best healthcare cleaning services in town such as ServiceMaster Clean of Wake County.

Healthcare cleaning demands a number of specialized cleaning procedures and medical awareness. Cleaners employed at a medical center need to have the know-how of medical methods and tools, so they know how to disinfect those correctly. Also, they need to know how to work around bloodborne pathogens to keep everyone safe and healthy. Therefore, you need to hire competent and experienced cleaning professionals for your healthcare facility.

If a company offers you a great deal but claims only to have experience in office cleaning, don’t hire them because they are most likely to be unaware of the proper protocol for healthcare cleaning. When hiring a cleaning service, make sure their employees are well-trained and know how to meet the needs of a healthcare facility.

ServiceMaster Clean for the Ultimate Clean!
We at ServiceMaster Clean of Wake County train our employees rigorously to prepare them for healthcare cleaning. Our training program focuses on the following areas.

  • Basic safety requirements
  • Bloodborne pathogen safety
  • Wearing and handling personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Sharps precautions and handling
  • Laundry precautions and handling
  • Reading, understanding and following specific signage and labels
  • HIPAA regulations
  • Exposure control plans
  • HazMat/HazCom procedures
  • Proper hand hygiene
  • Principles of microbiology
  • By hiring us for your medical facility, you will ensure a healthy and clean environment for your patients and staff.

If you have any other cleaning needs and are looking for commercial cleaning services in Raleigh, NC, contact us now. We have over 65 years of commercial-building-maintenance experience. We offer all kinds of cleaning services; from retail cleaning to school cleaning, we have it all. Reach out to us today for store cleaning, office cleaning, or healthcare cleaning at the most reasonable rates.

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High Touch Cleaning Checklist

High Touch Healthcare Hand hygiene is the #1 way to prevent the spread of pathogens. Because high touch items are common pathogen transmission vectors, raise awareness of frequent hand hygiene while performing routine cleaning and disinfecting these items to help reduce infection risk.

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Our Extensive Training Provides the Best Clean

Our employees have been given extensive and customized training specific to the healthcare environment. Comprehensive training focuses on the needs of healthcare facilities, including proper ways to prevent infection in an exam room and completing a terminal clean in an operating room.

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Finding a Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company

Clean Hospital reception areaYou must keep your business facility clean and sparkling at all times. Customers won’t want to return to a store that isn’t tidy, and your employees won’t want to work at your store or your company either. Whether it is a commercial building or a retail store, you need commercial cleaning services to keep your facility in top shape.

Numerous cleaning companies are operating in North Carolina today, but finding a reliable commercial cleaning company is a challenging task. Whether you’re looking for cleaning service providers for your store cleaning, retail cleaning, or commercial building maintenance, you need nothing but a reliable company – one that you can trust completely. Let’s have a look at some tips that will help you choose a reliable commercial cleaning company.

1.  Inquire About Their Experience and Reputation
Before hiring a commercial cleaning company, make sure to inquire about their experience and ask around to see how well reputable it is. Ask for references so that you can clear any doubts that you may have. A reliable commercial cleaning company will not hesitate to provide any information that you ask for.

You’ll need a highly professional and reputable company to do the job because the cleaners will be working at your facility even after all the employees have left. You can’t just trust any company with your facility, can you? Moreover, the more experienced a company is, the better the cleaners will be at their job.

2.  Inquire About Employee Screening and Training
As we mentioned above, you can’t have any unreliable people working at your facility. Therefore, when you’re in talks with a cleaning company, ask them about their employee screening process. See if they run background checks on their employees before hiring them. Moreover, another good practice is to ask whether or not the company in question adequately trains its employees or not.

You must know that the staff working at your premises know their job and are aware of all the protocols and precautions that must be in place.

3.  Hire A Company with Full-Service Capability
Commercial cleaning isn’t just sweeping up and vacuuming. It is a lot more than that. If you don’t hire a company with a full-service capability, you’ll have to hire separate vendors for each area, like floor cleaning, HVAC cleaning, carpet cleaning. Hiring a commercial cleaning company with full-service capability will mean that a single company will look after all the aspects of your commercial cleaning, and you won’t have to worry about running after numerous vendors.

4.  Check Whether the Company Is Insured
Always check whether the cleaning company is insured before signing on the dotted line. A reliable commercial cleaning company will have all the necessary insurance policies in place. General liability, worker compensation, theft insurance, umbrella liability, etc. are all the policies that a cleaning company must have. Asking the company for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is also a great way to know whether they’re legit!

If you’re looking for a reliable commercial cleaning company for your commercial building cleaning in Raleigh, NC, ServiceMaster Clean is the ultimate go-to option for all your commercial cleaning needs.

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Keep Your Office Clean by Anticipating These 4 Changes

Commerical Vacuum cleanerThe best solution to a cleaning problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. This holds true as far as commercial building maintenance is concerned as well. By taking a proactive approach when it comes to commercial cleaning, not only to prevent a bigger mess from emerging later but also to save up on the cleaning cost. Keep your office clean by anticipating these 4 changes with taking action accordingly.

1. Weather
Changes in weather should be taken into account in how much and how frequently your office would require cleaning. In spring for instance, when the snow is melting and the ground is muddy, you are likely to need cleaning. Meanwhile, in late summer, when the weather is dry and leaves have yet to fall, you shouldn’t require as much cleaning.

2. Construction Projects
A construction project, any office upgrade, or repair works can greatly complicate a cleaning task. To prevent a mess later or overwhelming your cleaning crew, it is important that you notify them in advance as well as to consider measures that can reduce the spread of the mess that construction or repairs would naturally create.

3. Foot Traffic
The frequency of people coming and going through your office is bound to affect the cleaning effort. During times of heavy foot traffic such as when the company is having a mass hiring, hosting an event or just having more people coming and going in general, keeping the office spotless can be really difficult. Avoid predicaments by anticipating the traffic levels in advance and adjusting the cleaning measures accordingly.

4. Flu Season
During certain times of the year, people are at a higher risk of catching the flu or cold. Due to the closed office environment, just one ill-person can potentially contaminate the entire office and make everyone sick. Special care will be needed by the cleaning crew to ensure that the catch of infection is minimized. This can include using disinfecting agents and regularly cleaning frequent contact areas such as doorknobs.

Hire Our Service
If you have a doctor’s office, retail, or any other types of commercial space in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas, please consider Service MasterClean of Wake County as your prime choice for the cleaning job. Service Master Cleaning and Janitorial Services – Clean Office. Professional Service. Fair Price. Call 919-981-6553.

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Keeping Your Office Clean by Anticipating Changes

A working space with clean chairs and floors As much as we love the cold winter breeze slowly being replaced by the warm and balmy air of the spring season, you can’t ignore the effects of the weather changes on homes and offices. Heavy downpours, thunderstorms, and snowstorms can make the indoor spaces really dirty, no matter how much you clean it.

In offices, especially, as people walk in with muddy or wet shoes, it can be quite a challenge to keep the floors clean, hygienic, and dirt-free at all times.

However, there are many ways to deal with that problem.

Be Proactive
Firstly, you can start by anticipating the changes and taking appropriate measures for it. For instance, if the weather forecast predicts heavy rainfall sometime during the day, you can keep a doormat at every entrance for employees to wipe their shoes clean. That’s called a ‘proactive’ approach to the impending problem instead of a ‘reactive’ one.

Commercial Cleaning
It’s not only weather changes that can affect the indoor cleanliness, but also any construction project that might be going in an area of your office. If your office facility is undergoing renovations or repairs, you can expect all types of dirt and debris within the office premises. In such cases, the best thing to do is to hire commercial cleaning services. From carpet cleaning to hard-surface floor care to leather care, these professional services take care of literally everything! It is best to schedule regular cleanup sessions of your office in order to keep it clean and promote a healthy work environment at all times.

Disinfect Regularly
During the winter season, you can expect more and more people to get affected by the cold and flu. Inevitably, these people will be bringing in nasty germs that are often super contagious and can easily make people around you sick. You should be prepared for all these changes by making sure that every little thing in the office is disinfected on a regular basis. This includes the keyboard, doorknobs, handles, latches, the dispenser, and the refrigerator handle, to name a few. Also, get the affected employees to wear surgical masks to prevent the germs from spreading around.

Additionally, you can ensure the following factors in order to keep germs at bay and encourage cleanliness in the office:

  • Sanitizing shared office equipment and supplies
  • Allowing sick employees to stay home until they get better
  • Keeping a supply of disinfectant wipes in bathrooms and on office desks

If you happen to reside in Raleigh, NC and are looking for commercial cleaning services for your office, contact us today at Service Master Clean for thorough and regular cleaning of your entire office. We have different types of cleaning services available from which you can choose as per your requirements and needs.

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What Is the HCAHPS Score and What Does It Mean for You?

 Patients came to the clinic for a check-upHCAHPS, also known as the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, is a form of a public survey completed by patients to give their feedback about their experience at a particular clinic or hospital in a particular area. This is a national standardized survey required by the CMS – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Now that you know what HCAHPS is, let’s find out what this survey entails and what the result of this survey means for you and the healthcare organization.

About the HCAHPS Survey
HCAHPS is the type of survey that records the patient’s overall experience at a clinic or hospital. This means that the patient has to fill in about their experiences of communication with doctors and nurses – Were they patient and respectful? Did they speak to you politely? Did they treat you fairly? Etc.

The patients also have to share their opinion about the hygiene and sanitary conditions of the clinic/hospital and other important considerations, including the efficiency of the staff, transparent pricing, openness to technology, etc. The survey is available in multiple languages (German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.) and is conducted after the patient is discharged from the hospital. It is usually regulated between two to forty-two days in all the major hospitals in the United States. Research shows that over 3 million patients participate in the survey every year.

The survey follows a strict protocol for data sampling, data collection, coding, and final submissions. The result allows careful observations and meticulous comparisons between different hospitals. The HCAHPS score also gives the hospital committee and management a chance to assess where their hospital stands among its competitors.

The HCAHPS Results
The HCAHPS result is as important as the survey itself. It gives an insight into the patients’ views about the hospital, its doctors, nurses, and overall care that is offered. The survey results are displayed on the internet for the public to see. Hence, the HCAHPS score directly impacts the reputation of a healthcare organization.

If you’re looking for professional commercial building maintenance services, look no further than ServiceMaster Clean. The professional team at ServiceMaster Clean holds expertise in commercial cleaning services that can turn any commercial space (such as your hospital) spotless and sorted!

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A Letter to Our Clients

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life. While many of us are feeling uncertainty in our lives, I know we’ll rise up to the challenges this crisis presents.

The well-being, health, and safety of people remain our top priority. We are doing everything we can to keep our employees and communities safe by:

  • Emphasize hand hygiene by all employees.
  • Emphasize respiratory etiquette by all employees.
  • Actively encourage employees who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness to stay home until they are free of fever (100.4° F or lower as measured by an oral thermometer) and other symptoms for 24 hours without medication.
  • Make sure employees notify their supervisors if they have a family member who is sick at home with COVID-19.

ServiceMaster Clean Wake has many years of experience cleaning and disinfecting hospitals and other facilities that have been at risk for exposure to various infectious diseases. We rely on our experience and a scientific, common-sense approach that is thorough and cost-effective. We provide protective measures for our staff and take security and privacy into consideration to protect our customers and their facilities.

We only use disinfectants that are on the CDC's List N as approved for use against COVID-19. We follow the CDC’s personal protective equipment and safety recommendations. The current flu season, along with the outbreak COVID-19, offers an opportunity to reinforce the importance of keeping employees’ workspaces clean, safe, and healthy. Our experience and training in health care spaces afford us the ability to promote safe practices for infection prevention within all businesses. Aligned with the CDC recommendations, ServiceMaster Clean Wake has preventive solutions for all types of illnesses as well as COVID-19.

We extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery for those who are affected by the virus. And we're truly inspired by the selfless healthcare workers who are on the front lines working tirelessly to care for people in need.

We appreciate your support in safeguarding the health of our community and contributing to the world’s efforts to contain the outbreak. It’s a privilege to represent our strong and dedicated employees as well as serve you, our clients. If you need us, please feel free to reach out.

bobs sig
Bob Daniels
President and Owner, ServiceMaster Clean of Wake County


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Preventive Considerations for Mitigating Infection Risk

As experts in creating clean, safe and healthy environments, we at ServiceMaster Clean Wake would like to share our expertise to help you enhance preventive protocols for your office.

The current flu season, along with the outbreak of a newer pathogen, COVID-19, offers an opportunity to reinforce the importance of keeping employees’ workspaces clean, safe, and healthy. Our experience and training in health care spaces afford us the ability to promote safe practices for infection prevention within all businesses. Aligned with the CDC recommendations, ServiceMaster has preventive solutions for all types of illnesses as well as COVID-19.

Actionable COVID 19 plans for businesses today:

CDC Recommendation:

  • Emphasize hand hygiene by all employees.

ServiceMaster Solutions:

  • Perform frequent hand washing using soap and water for 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice) or use hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol.
  • If possible, use no-touch dispensers (e.g., paper towels, sinks, soap).
  • Post ServiceMaster hand hygiene process posters in handwashing areas.
  • Keep an adequate supply of products and monitor shelf life.

CDC Recommendation:

  • Emphasize respiratory etiquette by all employees.

ServiceMaster Solutions:

  • Employees should cover the nose and mouth nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. If tissue is not available, use elbow or shoulder to cover your mouth.
  • Provide tissues and no-touch trash cans and other disposal receptacles for use by employees.

CDC Recommendation:

  • Perform routine environmental cleaning focused on high-touch surfaces.

ServiceMaster Solutions:

  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in the workplace nightly, focusing on common gathering areas (e.g., door handles, light switches, stair rails, elevator buttons, phones, microwaves, coffee stations, sink handles, water fountains, chair arms, shared workstations or learning materials, dining tables).
  • Provide disposable wipes for employees to clean and disinfect commonly used or high-touch surfaces between use.

CDC Recommendation:

  • Encourage sick employees to stay home, separating and avoiding close contact with people who are sick.

ServiceMaster Solutions:

  • Actively encourage employees who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness to stay home until they are free of fever (100.4° F or lower as measured by an oral thermometer) and other symptoms for 24 hours without medication.
  • Maintain flexible policies, consistent with public health guidance, that permit employees to stay home.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

CDC Recommendation:

  • Advise employees to take safe travel steps.

ServiceMaster Solutions:

  • Check CDC travelers’ health notices, especially when traveling internationally.
    Have a plan for employees if they become sick during travel; promptly call a provider for help if needed.

CDC Recommendation:

  • Additional measures with COVID-19: Employees who are well but have a family member with COVID-19 should notify their supervisor and other employees in the workplace

ServiceMaster Solutions:

  • Make sure employees notify their supervisors if they have a family member who is sick at home with COVID-19.
  • In that case, notify other employees of potential exposure while maintaining confidentiality.
  • If possible, have plans in place for working remotely in the event of an outbreak.

Frequently asked questions about COVID 19:

What is Coronavirus, COVID-19?
COVID-19 is an enveloped virus causing mild to severe respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. It was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China.2
What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
Symptoms can include fever, cough, and shortness of breath, which may appear 2-14 days post exposure.

How does COVID-19 spread?
The virus is thought to spread mainly from person to person between those in close contact (within ~6 feet) and through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It may be possible for a person to get the virus by touching a surface or object and then touching their own nose, mouth, or possibly eyes, although at this time this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.2

What are simple, everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses?

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes with unwashed hands.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are unavailable, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.2

Which disinfectants are effective against COVID-19?
Because the virus is so new, the EPA has not tested and established efficacy protocols or inactivation claims. The EPA has issued “Guidance to registrants: process for making claims against emerging viral pathogens not on EPA-registered disinfectant labels,” 3 which at this time establishes approved products. An eligible product must meet the criteria in the document in order to make limited claims about disinfectant efficacy.

ServiceMaster disinfectants that can make this claim in line with dwell times and product labels are Peridox, Virex Plus, Sanimaster 7, Sanimaster 6, and Decon 30.

What is disinfectant dwell time?
Dwell time is the required period that a surface must remain wet in order for a disinfectant to achieve full efficacy.

In closing:
It is important to keep in mind that COVID-19 is a new and emerging pathogen. Regulators are just beginning to understand COVID-19 — how it spreads, the incubation period, length and severity of illness — knowledge that will develop over time. We will continue to update you as the CDC, EPA, FDA, and OSHA provide more information.

We also want you to know that, while we hope it will not be necessary, ServiceMaster Clean Wake is qualified and equipped with the required protocols and processes should any pathogen outbreak occur within your facility. Please call us at 919-981-6553 or contact us if we can be of service.

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COVID-19 Exposure Reduction: Handwashing

Proper hand hygiene is the #1 way to reduce the risk of infection. It is important to wash hands frequently and properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Please feel free to use or share this PDF flyer however you may need to.

We also want you to know that, while we hope it will not be necessary, ServiceMaster Clean Wake is qualified and equipped with the required protocols and processes should any pathogen outbreak occur within your facility. Please call us at 919-981-6553 or contact us if we can be of service.


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COVID 19 - Exposure Reduction: High Touching Cleaning Checklist

High touch items are among the most pathogen heavy surfaces in your facility. Routine cleaning and disinfecting of these items along with frequent hand washing are critical to breaking the chain of infection and creating clean, safe, and healthy environments.

Please feel free to use or share this PDF flyer however you may need to.

We also want you to know that, while we hope it will not be necessary, ServiceMaster Clean Wake is qualified and equipped with the required protocols and processes should any pathogen outbreak occur within your facility. Please call us at 919-981-6553 or contact us if we can be of service.

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Ways to Protect Your Office Against the Flu

What are some effective ways to protect your office against the flu?

Smart employers who take a proactive approach to manage their businesses seek the answer to this question before the dreaded flu season arrives. And for all the right reasons too.

Based on the data collected by the Centers for Disease Control, employees in the U.S. miss a total of about 17 million days of work as a result of suffering from flu. This decrease in productivity further leads to a loss of approximately $7 billion for the economy.

Here, we list different ways to protect your office against the flu so that this seemingly minor illness doesn’t wreak havoc for your business.

Provide Flu Shots at Work
Vaccination is the first step towards the prevention of common cold and influenza. But amidst handling the workload and balancing their personal and professional lives, employees tend to forget, or are unable, to take time out to visit a vaccination clinic.

Therefore, consider providing on-site flu shots so that every employee can get their vaccines without facing any difficulty.

Help Employees Get Flu Shots Elsewhere
If hosting a vaccination clinic at your workplace isn’t a feasible option, make it easy for your staff to get the shots from any other appropriate place.

Make sure that the health plan offered to your employees covers the cost of flu shots, and allow them to take a day or at least a couple of hours off from work so that they can visit the community clinic or local pharmacy for the shots.

Maintain Basic Hygiene
Maintaining proper hygiene is a highly effective way to prevent the spread of flu in your office. Unfortunately, some people need to be reminded of basic manners like covering their mouths while sneezing and coughing.

Encourage your employees to follow the basic steps as set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This includes the following steps for preventing sickness:

  • Washing your hands properly with soap every time you cough or sneeze, or use a hand sanitizer instead
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as they are most susceptible to germs
  • Use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. Dispose of the tissue paper immediately after use
  • During the flu season, avoid close contact like shaking hands with others whether or not either of you has caught flu

Moreover, you should keep the office environment clean by using disinfectant sprays more often.

Prevent the Virus from Entering the Workplace
What is the best way to stop the flu from spreading in your office? Well, you need to stop it from entering the premises altogether.
Tell the employees to utilize their sick leaves and avoid coming to work until the symptoms subside. After all, that’s what sick leaves are for!

Or you can allow them to work from home instead.

Implement these tips to keep your office safe from the fast transferring virus when the wave of influenza hits. To protect your employees from falling victim to flu, get in touch with ServiceMaster Clean of Wake. We take all the necessary measures to minimize the chances of contamination and stop at nothing to prevent the flu from entering your workplace.

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The Importance of Walk-Off Mats in the Workplace

These mats weren’t just made for walking; they’re there for a variety of reasons including improving the cleanliness and safety within a building.

Walk-off mats are constructed to capture wet and dry soil before stepping onto carpeting and flooring. They absorb the moisture from rain and snow that could if tracked indoors, create dangerous conditions for employees or customers to slip and fall. A fall or accident in the workplace will end up costing your business far more than the price of a walk-off mat.

Where you place your mats and the size of each mat is important as well. The sooner someone can step onto a mat and remove the soil from their shoes, the less chance there is for the debris, moisture and dirt from their shoes to be transferred to your flooring. Not only could wet shoes lead to a safety hazard but when dirt and debris are repeatedly ground into the floor, they can leave unsightly marks and cause damage to the integrity of the floor and its top coating as well. In addition to being a safety precaution, the use of walk-off mats can lessen the number of times you need your carpets and floor deep cleaned or even replaced.

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) shares that 80% of the soil brought into a building can be trapped within the first 12 to 15 feet after stepping onto a carpeted surface (walk-off mat). For the highest efficacy of walk-off mats, they should allow room for at least six footsteps. That is about 18-20 feet of walking space and should be placed at all entryways and major transition areas. The minimum suggested length of an effective walk-off mat is 10 feet long.

When purchasing, walk-off mats, look for these features:

  • Indoor mats should have a rubber backing to create a non-skid surface that firmly holds the mat to the floor, aka prevents it from moving and sliding around.
  • An outdoor mat should be thicker to withstand harsher environments and larger debris such as mud and snow.

While walk-off mats prevent debris and dirt from getting transferred to the flooring and thus decrease the amount of deep cleaning needed to said carpet or floor, walk-off mats themselves need to be cleaned daily. Once a walk-off mat is soiled (literally) and not cleaned or replaced, it will then transfer the soil to the soles of shoes and easily spread throughout the building, defeating the purpose of a walk-off mat.

When discussing services with your commercial cleaning service, make sure to ask and ensure they will regularly clean your walk-off mats. You should also ask for their professional opinion regarding at what point your mats have become so soiled they must be replaced. Walk-off mats are a simple investment to protect your floors and other’s safety.


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