Carpet Cleaning for Office Spaces

Cleaning the carpets of a commercial buildingEven though we do sometimes called a hairpiece a rug, a carpet is not like hair, if you make a mistake or have an accident it won’t grow back. However, if you don’t treat carpet like hair you might end up with a bald hallway.

While carpeting in the workspace can brighten and open up space, cleaning it can be more difficult than hardwood or linoleum flooring. Daily vacuuming is a must, but what happens if you spill something or stain your carpeting? Do you get on your hands and start scrubbing or do you rent a carpet cleaner from the grocery store to get the stain out? To start, you’re going to need to know what kind of carpet you have. This will be the first determining condition when selecting a cleaning method. We’ve broken it down to the two most common styles of carpet; Berber and frieze. Berber is a carpet with looped fibers, usually wool or nylon, and of the two carpet types, it cleans the best, especially when the loops are large. The only problem is that it doesn’t wear well. The larger the loops the easier it is to clean, but the larger the loops only mean it is easier to wear down as well. Frieze carpeting, however, is a twisted fiber carpet. It vacuums well, but this carpet style tends to be made of polyethylene terephthalate and polyester materials. In short, they have a tendency to keep a stain and don’t last as long as wool or nylon. The material is very important in the wear-ability of the carpet. Nylon and wool are more expensive, but they last. The polyethylene terephthalate and polyester materials also last, but they stain easier. Another type of fiber, acrylic, is actually made with recycled plastic, making it stain resistant. However, it doesn’t last as long as wool or nylon.

Now that you are getting a bit confused, let’s add in carpet padding to make things more fun (as well as more confusing). Five-Pound padding is what you usually have in a home, but in a commercial building, ten pound is the very least you can have. That is why your home carpets tend to be softer than commercial buildings…it’s in the padding! Padding made from foam chips or recycled rubber will limit the stain but naturally costs more. If the stain permeates or seeps through the padding, the staining can be more difficult to get and there can be a permanent odor…depending on what the stains were caused by.

If you think we confused you on purpose then you’d be right! While it may be easier to rent a carpet cleaner at the grocery store, those can push the stains deeper and leave your carpets marked. They often leave residue and soak not only the carpet but the padding too. Rental carpet cleaners also don’t adjust for carpet fabric, depth and padding levels. Not all carpets are the same and thus not all carpets can be cleaned with the same products and methods.

When you hire a certified, professional commercial cleaning service they are able to determine the best solutions, machinery, and techniques to best revive the original condition of your carpets. ServiceMaster of Wake County knows all about carpet types, and the best as well as the greenest way to clean them. A professional commercial carpeting cleaning and janitorial service company will also be able to tell you how often your particular carpets need to be cleaned. Just because you don’t have a cavity doesn’t mean you don’t go to the dentist regularly for cleaning. The same goes for carpeting; most carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, while others need it every 6 months. Ask your technician what they recommend for your particular commercial workspace carpets. There is no need to worry and lose your hair over your workspace carpet…simply contact ServiceMaster of Wake County.

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How to Prevent Carpet Wicking

White carpet with dirt spots being vacummedTo approach the question, how to prevent carpet wicking; we need to understand what causes carpet wicking and what it is. Carpet wicking is when a spill or soiled area is able to penetrate deep into the carpet and even once the carpet is cleaned, the stain still reappears days later. In technical terms, wicking is the result of soil trapped in carpet padding or subflooring that moves to the tips of carpet fibers as it dries after cleaning.

The best way to prevent wicking is to clean up the spot or spill immediately after it occurs, don’t let it sit and penetrate into the carpet. If you aren’t able to get to the spill immediately, cleaning using a technique called low-moisture mode can help. This will extra the residual soiled area once it dries without adding too much additional moisture.

While it can be tempting to repeatedly attempt the clean the area, the addition of water will cause the stain to show up deeper and more prominent once dried. Cleaning the area and drying it immediately is key.

There are absorbent powders that will absorb moisture and soils that normally wick to the surface but those should be applied and used by professionals only.

If someone spills something on the carpet at your office, clean it up immediately and make note of the area for the cleaning crew to treat with care when they come in to clean your carpets at the workplace. Carpet cleaning, especially commercial should be left to the professionals to prevent and treat wicking. Call Servicemaster of Wake County for a free estimate on treating your carpets today!

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The Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning for an Office Building

Commercial carpet cleaningYou might not realize it, but the flooring of any room has a huge impact on how you perceive it. 

Imagine walking into one of the USA’s most luxurious hotels and looking down to see a tattered and stained carpet. Or walking into an office building or a lawyer’s firm and seeing threadbare carpets.

It’s pretty easy to assume that the first impression of the place will not be a good one. No matter how modern and aesthetically pleasing the décor and the architecture itself are, the state of the carpeting will diminish it.

Besides the look, it also affects the health and well-being of anyone who walks on them. Regularly cleaned carpets also ensure your employees get a clean work environment. Read on to learn the many benefits of carpet cleaning for offices.

Carpet Cleaning for Office Buildings

Eliminates Pathogens

Everyone walking into your office brings in a horde of germs with their shoes or when they are sick and cough or sneeze. Besides that, there are already airborne pollutants, bacteria, mites, and germs surrounding us anyway.

Furthermore, carpets absorb the moisture in the air. If not cleaned regularly, the moisture buildup becomes a breeding ground for mold. Altogether, this can harm your employees’ health.

Regular carpet cleaning with a vacuum and steam cleaning every now and then can kill these pathogens. With bacteria, mold, mites, and germs, etc. eliminated, you can ensure your employees’ health.

Prolongs the Carpet’s Life

In addition to eliminating pathogens, commercial carpet cleaning ensures that it doesn’t get damaged too quickly. With people stepping and walking on the carpets all day long and the occasional spills, the carpet is vulnerable to permanent stains and soiling that ruins the carpet structurally.

By cleaning it regularly with high-quality commercial carpet cleaning products, you can ensure to make the most of the carpet. You can prevent stains from lowering the carpet’s life by getting them professionally cleaned before they set in.

This will save you the cost of changing the carpets more often than necessary.

Enhances the Environment

There is no doubt that regular carpet cleaning encourages the elimination of germs, improvement in the air quality, and cleanliness of the work environment. However, it also helps maintain the look and aesthetics of the workplace.

Stained and dirty carpets in an office building do not create a very professional look. People walking into the space will be likely to assume your business as irresponsible, giving it a dingy feeling.

Regular commercial carpet cleaning ensures that stains are removed and dirt and debris are lifted from the carpet. It gives it a fresh makeover and leaves it looking brand new.

It’s not necessary that you have a very fancy office with all the blows and whistles. A clean and well-organized office is enough to leave a good impression on clients. Also, it has an impact on your employees’ productivity.


Getting an entire office carpeted is not a cheap endeavor. Even if you don’t have wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs and mats are also quite expensive. You don’t want to replace it every few years. 

For that, you need to make sure to keep up with maintenance. If you make sure that your carpet stays in good condition throughout its life, it saves you the cost of replacing your carpet.

With so many benefits, commercial carpet cleaning should be a priority for your office. The first thing you need to do is regular vacuuming. It will pick up the daily slew of dirt and debris. Second, immediately spot clean any spills that may leave a stain.Lastly, call a professional commercial carpet cleaner. If your commercial building is located in Wake County around Raleigh, North Carolina, you can contact Service Master Clean of Wake County

for our professional carpet cleaning services. We will ensure your carpet looks brand new.

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