Your Break Room is Where Everyone Gathers...Keep it Clean!

Your Breakroom is where everyone Gathers... Keep it Clean!The break room is a safe sanctuary for employees. It provides them with a space where they can unwind and have a few moments away from their busy schedule. It’s there so they can have coffee, lunch or snacks in peace and enjoy the company of their colleagues.  

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High Touch Cleaning Checklist

High Touch Healthcare Hand hygiene is the #1 way to prevent the spread of pathogens. Because high touch items are common pathogen transmission vectors, raise awareness of frequent hand hygiene while performing routine cleaning and disinfecting these items to help reduce infection risk.

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8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Work Space

office recently cleaned and de-clutteredSpring represents the time for office employees to re-energize and get things done in order to boost productivity and improve the mood. In this article, we share with you 8 tips for spring cleaning your workspace to make it more inviting.

1. Powerwash the Exterior
Grime, dirt, mold, and mildew not only ruin the exterior aesthetics of your workplace but damage the material of your building, as well as also have an impact on the employees’ mood. With the weather no longer shiver-inducing, spring represents the perfect time to get the power washer out of office storage and get the cleaning crew to work.

2. Deep Cleaning the Carpets
Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate deep down within the carpet which simply vacuuming alone won’t get rid of. Deep cleaning the carpets is a great way to get rid of stubborn dirt off your carpets and make them look and smell better.

3. Clear Away the Clutter
Unneeded clutter all over the workplace can both serve as a distraction and add to the stress. Declutter the office environment by removing all unneeded items that may have accumulated over the year.

4. Clean or Replace Old plants
Some of your old office plants may have accumulated a fine layer of dirt over their leaves and stems, making them more vulnerable to diseases as the weather warms up. Consider having them cleaned or buy replacements.

5. Refreshen the Walls
With time, your office walls will be witness to plenty of smudges, stains, cracks, and marks. Apply a fresh coat of paint to make the walls look fresh.

6. Don’t Forget About the Breakroom
Breakrooms are rooms at the office which employees can use during a break from work to eat, socialize with colleagues, or just relax. As expected, the place can get really messy and needs a good cleaning to get rid of any germs that may be lurking around and spreading diseases.

7. Give Your Windows a Thorough Clean
When cleaning windows, don’t just scrub the glass panels clean and call it a day. Pay close attention to the window’s borders where dirt, debris, and mold can collect and overtime. Neglecting them can run the risk of corroding the window materials and can harbor all sorts of nasty bacteria. Give your windows a thorough clean and prevent such issues from occurring.

8. Wash the Ceiling
The ceiling is one of the common areas in the office that the cleaning crew may forget to clean as the view of it tends to not be eye level. Inspect the condition of the office ceiling and if it isn’t spotless, have it washed off any dirt, stains, and grime.

Sometimes, you don’t have all the resources or time to get your office spotlessly clean. Consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to do the job for you. ServiceMaster Clean Wake provides quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services for clients throughout the Wake county. To get a quote from us or for any queries, call (844) 319-5401 or contact us online.

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Tips for Tidying up your Office and Creating an Optimized Workplace

A Tips for Tidying up your Office and Creating an Optimized WorkplaceOffices are generally kept clean, especially spaces where clients and guests frequent. However, there are times like big brand campaigns where things can get a little messy.

For example, let’s consider your company is launching a new product. During the planning and designing process, your team will be constantly using the workspace. There will be papers, prototypes, other materials, cables, stationery, etc. cluttering the place.

Once the product has launched successfully, it’s time to start working on the next project. However, the messy space will come in the way. It won’t stop you from working, but it will hinder motivation and make it harder to use the space properly.

Here are some office tidying tips that will come in handy when you want to freshen up your workspace.

File the Papers Away
Paper clutter on desks and inside drawers can become annoying very quickly. Not only does it take up space, but it also gets in the way when you’re trying to find something else. Or you could simply lose an important document in all the mess.

To prevent this, start filing everything in the right place as soon as it comes in. But if you weren’t able to do it, you can always start later. Check every piece of paper strewn about in your office, if it is useful, file it or put it in its place. Chuck it away if it is useless. (Make sure you shred useless documents before throwing them out as they may contain sensitive information.)

Dip in the Drawers
Next, move on to the drawers! It can be a real Pandora’s Box situation if you have ignored your drawers for too long. But better now than never.

Start by taking everything out and separating items based on whether you need them or not. Before putting everything back, clean the drawer and use an organizer so everything has a place.

Untying Cables
This is one job anybody would get easily frustrated doing. Unraveling knotted cables and wires can take a long time but it needs to be done. If you keep using them as they are, it can damage the wires. And besides, it doesn’t look nice.

There are many tools you find on Amazon and your local craft stores to organize your cables. Simply tying them with wire clips and putting them away out of sight is enough. But the internet is full of ideas if you want something more.

Rethink Storage Options
From eBay and Ikea to novelty office supply stores and furniture manufacturers, there is a whole industry of office storage. You can find filing cabinets, shelving units, organizing systems, and even lockers.

Take some time to think over it and invest in storage pieces that will allow you to use your space more optimally.

Spring Cleaning!
Once everything is tucked away in its place and you have new furniture for better organization, a spring cleaning session of the entire space will refresh the entire place. The only thing left for you will be maintaining it.

We understand that you might be a little busy to go about your office with a duster and vacuum. Instead, you can let ServiceMaster Clean Wake County take care of that. Once you’ve decluttered and organized your space, it will be easier for us to remove the junk and leave your office sparkling.

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Your Break Room is Where Everyone Gathers… Keep it Clean!

Five colleagues in the clean break room, talking and having muffins and coffee.Over the years, Service Master Clean has transformed many break rooms. This has made us privy to the importance of having a clean and organized break room.

The break room is a safe sanctuary for employees. It provides them with a space where they can unwind and have a few moments away from their busy schedule. It’s there so they can have coffee, lunch or snacks in peace and enjoy the company of their colleagues.

Unfortunately, they are also the rooms that get ignored very easily. Since there is no one person in charge of keeping it neat, it becomes disheveled and disorganized too quickly.

However, there are some ways that you can keep your break room clean and clutter-free.

Start with Organizing the Room

Too often things go missing from break rooms. Start the cleaning process by organizing the room and putting everything in its place.

Dedicate a cupboard or cabinet to mugs, snacks, silverware, coffee and tea stuff, etc. Label each cabinet and drawer so people know where everything goes.

Also, organize everything in a way that is accessible. Put the microwave at counter-height so anyone can use it, regardless of their height.

Keep the Fridge Orderly

It’s not uncommon for food to go missing from an office fridge. People also tend to leave leftovers and forget them. This leads to some nasty smells enveloping whoever opens the fridge.

The solution? Labels!

Ask the employees to put their names on the food they bring. This way, no one will tuck into somebody else’s meal before realizing it’s not theirs.

Secondly, make it a point to keep up with regular cleaning. No food should sit in the fridge for more than two days. You can assign duties to the employees to clear out the fridge if they see something rotting.

Also, keep a box of baking soda in there to fight any smells.

Have Dish and Hand Soap Available at all Times

Dirty dishes in the sink can lead to bad smells and roach problems. To stay clear of those, make sure there is dish soap near the sink at all times. 

Also, keep the counter clear. Make it a rule that anyone who used the sink and counters wipe them down with paper towel afterward.

Clean Appliances Regularly

Fridges and microwaves can get dirty quickly when they are used communally. Target the handles specifically as they can harbor germs from all the people that touch them. Make it a point to have the microwave, fridge, coffee pots, counters, and sink wiped down every day.

Have the fridge deep-cleaned at least once a month. Clean the microwave from the inside at least twice a week. To loosen up splatters, microwave a cup of water. The steam will soften the hardened bits, making them easy to just wipe away.

Keep the Trash Dry

Bin liners often have holes, which allow liquids from the trash to seep out into the bin itself. Since these go unnoticed, they are easy to ignore. However, you will notice after a couple of days when the bacteria start stinking up the room.

Use good quality trash liners. If you have a large staff that uses the break room, put two or more trash cans. You can also put recycle bins under the sink so people know what trash goes where.

Have Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Spills can happen in a break room. To make sure that they don’t stay there for too long, keep basic cleaning supplies in the break room. Extra paper towels, a mop and mop bucket, broom, all-purpose cleaners, and soap should all be in the pantry.

Get Professional Help

While every employee should be responsible and do their part to keep the break room clean, weekly service done by a cleaning crew is important.

ServiceMaster of Wake County specializes in commercial and residential cleaning services. We have an efficient cleaning crew that makes sure your break room is cleaned thoroughly. Based on your needs, you can get weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services.

We will come in and leave your break room sparkling clean.

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The Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning for an Office Building

Commercial carpet cleaningYou might not realize it, but the flooring of any room has a huge impact on how you perceive it. 

Imagine walking into one of the USA’s most luxurious hotels and looking down to see a tattered and stained carpet. Or walking into an office building or a lawyer’s firm and seeing threadbare carpets.

It’s pretty easy to assume that the first impression of the place will not be a good one. No matter how modern and aesthetically pleasing the décor and the architecture itself are, the state of the carpeting will diminish it.

Besides the look, it also affects the health and well-being of anyone who walks on them. Regularly cleaned carpets also ensure your employees get a clean work environment. Read on to learn the many benefits of carpet cleaning for offices.

Carpet Cleaning for Office Buildings

Eliminates Pathogens

Everyone walking into your office brings in a horde of germs with their shoes or when they are sick and cough or sneeze. Besides that, there are already airborne pollutants, bacteria, mites, and germs surrounding us anyway.

Furthermore, carpets absorb the moisture in the air. If not cleaned regularly, the moisture buildup becomes a breeding ground for mold. Altogether, this can harm your employees’ health.

Regular carpet cleaning with a vacuum and steam cleaning every now and then can kill these pathogens. With bacteria, mold, mites, and germs, etc. eliminated, you can ensure your employees’ health.

Prolongs the Carpet’s Life

In addition to eliminating pathogens, commercial carpet cleaning ensures that it doesn’t get damaged too quickly. With people stepping and walking on the carpets all day long and the occasional spills, the carpet is vulnerable to permanent stains and soiling that ruins the carpet structurally.

By cleaning it regularly with high-quality commercial carpet cleaning products, you can ensure to make the most of the carpet. You can prevent stains from lowering the carpet’s life by getting them professionally cleaned before they set in.

This will save you the cost of changing the carpets more often than necessary.

Enhances the Environment

There is no doubt that regular carpet cleaning encourages the elimination of germs, improvement in the air quality, and cleanliness of the work environment. However, it also helps maintain the look and aesthetics of the workplace.

Stained and dirty carpets in an office building do not create a very professional look. People walking into the space will be likely to assume your business as irresponsible, giving it a dingy feeling.

Regular commercial carpet cleaning ensures that stains are removed and dirt and debris are lifted from the carpet. It gives it a fresh makeover and leaves it looking brand new.

It’s not necessary that you have a very fancy office with all the blows and whistles. A clean and well-organized office is enough to leave a good impression on clients. Also, it has an impact on your employees’ productivity.


Getting an entire office carpeted is not a cheap endeavor. Even if you don’t have wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs and mats are also quite expensive. You don’t want to replace it every few years. 

For that, you need to make sure to keep up with maintenance. If you make sure that your carpet stays in good condition throughout its life, it saves you the cost of replacing your carpet.

With so many benefits, commercial carpet cleaning should be a priority for your office. The first thing you need to do is regular vacuuming. It will pick up the daily slew of dirt and debris. Second, immediately spot clean any spills that may leave a stain.Lastly, call a professional commercial carpet cleaner. If your commercial building is located in Wake County around Raleigh, North Carolina, you can contact Service Master Clean of Wake County

for our professional carpet cleaning services. We will ensure your carpet looks brand new.

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