Is Green Cleaning Worth the Price?

Green cleaning bukect and productsClimate change is constantly in the news, causing people to be concerned with “green” initiatives and being environmentally friendly. One of the most common deterrents from the “going green” practices is the fear of increased cost. People assume that if a company offers “green” options, they are automatically more expensive. There is little truth in this argument.

One report, performed by the Green Business Association of California, found that the phrase “it takes green to go green” might not entirely be based in fact. While green cleaning products were slightly more expensive on average than standard cleaning products, this differentiation was largely insignificant. Additionally, this difference in price was found to ignore the financial benefits of green cleaning products, including reusable microfiber mops and automatic dilution systems. This means that if you are thinking about going green, but are concerned about the increase to your cleaning service prices, it may not be as expensive as you think.

While the actual price of green cleaning products varies only slightly from standard cleaning products, there are a few factors that may also contribute to costs related to training. As most green products remove harsh chemicals, acids, and detergents, this leads to the need for the cleaning staff to receive additional instructions related to the use of these products. This can result in increased cleaning service prices due to the additional time that needs to be invested in staff training and cleaning times when compared to standard products. Additionally, some green certified cleaning equipment might come at an initially higher up-front cost. For example, HEPA filtered vacuums along with microfiber mops and rags are more expensive than most of their non-green counterparts but they are higher quality, last longer and are more environmentally friendly. While some of the costs can be off set overtime due to greater product durability, unfortunately some cannot.

Most green cleaning products don’t contain harsh cleaning agents such as chemicals and acids, thus requiring things to be soaked longer or needing a bit of additional elbow grease to get the same cleaning results. This increase in time may cause a higher rate of cleaning services but more times than not, companies like Servicemaster of Wake County has accounted for this in their service costs and the use of green products won’t affect your bottom line.

So, despite the perception that “going green costs green,” there is relatively little difference in the price of green vs. non-green cleaning products. Servicemaster of Wake County uses special green products that do not increase the cost of services but do increase the effect on the environmentally by using only environmentally friendly, green practices.

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