How to Prepare your Office for the Winter Months

Winter is officially here and while it can be beautiful, we all remember “Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon 2014” in Raleigh and the disasters it brought with it. Winter weather and precipitation can cause more than car accidents and power loss, it can bring business interruptions and costly damages.To keep both to a minimum, follow these tips:

Protect your Property:

  • Clear gutters and drain pipes of any debris.
  • Cover or insulate exposed water pipes to prevent breakage from freezing which can lead to flooding.
  • Store materials, supplies, etc. off the floor to prevent damage by floods.
  • Check tire, battery, fluids, and wiper blade conditions on all company vehicles.
  • Stock each company vehicle with a shovel, de-icer, blankets and flares.

Employee, Staff and Customer Safety

  • Know what outside areas are likely to be affected by ice.
  • Stock salt for keeping paths and traffic routes free of snow and ice.
  • Continually review emergency plans with employees.
  • Stock up on floor mats.
  • Staff for lobby cleaning after the morning commutes and lunch hour.

Business Preparations

  • Technology check-up: make sure you can access records and information remotely, and you have a strong back-up program in the event of a power failure.
  • Identify important information for business continuity such as customer lists, contracts and client records.
  • Consider work from home arrangements for employees in order to minimize work disruption during inclement weather.
  • Review insurance coverage to ensure your policy fits your business needs.

The winter months can produce additional debris like leaves, snow, melted ice and dirt. Call you commercial office space cleaners to discuss if increased services may be necessary to ensure your office remains clean and clear of dirt and debris. Remember, Servicemaster of Wake County offers free estimates for all services, so be prepared for all winter messes now.

While we can hope a Snowmageddon doesn’t occur again, if it does, you can be more prepared with these tips and advice. Stay safe this winter season and most of all stay warm!

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