How to Prepare your Workplace for the Upcoming Flu Season

Office worker blowing nose at desk

As much as we hate to admit it, the summer months are over and the first day of Fall is September 22, 2017. That means flu season is just around the corner. You don’t want to wait until the first case appears to take action, so be proactive and get your office prepared for flu season.

We’ve composed the top 5 tips to help you and your employees prepare for the flu season as best you can. Knowing the dangers of the flu and ways to fight it is your best defense.

  1. Educate employees about how to safe guard against the flu and bust the common flu myths to prevent the spread of the illness. Knowledge is power and when your employees know how to protect themselves, they are less likely to get sick.
  2. Ensure your employees are aware of all sick leave, PTO and tele-communiting policies should they still get sick. This is a great time to share the company insurance policy benefits including the fact that flu shots are covered!
  3. Improve hygienic practices such as minimizing contact and increasing the use of hand sanitizer. Encourage employees to stay home if they are feeling ill to prevent the spread of germs to the office place.
  4. Host a workplace flue shot clinic to encourage employees to get a flu shot without taking time off work because you’ve conveniently brought the vaccine to them. This also has the added bonus of showing your employees your have their health at the front of your mind.
  5. Identify a tasks and duties strategy when someone comes down with the flu. People will come down with the flu, someone always does, but you can prepared by delegating work tasks, projects and coverage when it happens.

In addition to all these tips, we at ServiceMaster Clean of  Wake County, highly suggest a deep clean of the office space. That means cleaning keyboards, phones, kitchens, break rooms, bathrooms and every nook and cranny of the office to ensure they are left germ free. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant and tissues a will be your best friends this flu season as you ward off the illness causing germs that lead to influenza. The flu won’t sneak up on you this year if you use the tips we provided.

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