Safety Data Sheets and ServiceMaster’s Dedication to Excellent Service

File folder with Safety Data Sheets Label There’s so much that goes into cleaning commercial spaces than meets the eye. Companies go to great lengths to façade commercial cleaning as only being about cleaning, but we at Servicemaster of Wake County are here to share that commercial cleaning is more than just about the cleaning. It’s about the safety, security, sanitation and especially consistency between every client and company and ensuring their needs are met every time. To ensure the consistency of service, ServiceMaster of Wake County adheres to all national laws and requirements for commercial spaces cleaning and sanitization.

ServiceMaster of Wake County is part of a Nationwide family that only uses the highest quality equipment and products to get your workspace clean and sanitized for your staff and customers. We can help with your USGBC LEED points and other green certifications and we adhere to all national laws and requirements for commercial spaces.

One thing we are very meticulous about is our documentation of products and procedures. The Hazard Communication Standard requires chemical manufacturers, distributors or importers to provide Safety Data Sheets (formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDSs) to communicate the hazards of hazardous chemical products. Since we use a variety of chemicals to clean businesses, we keep an extensive list of Safety Data sheets at hand and easily accessible.

By June 1, 2015, Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) will replace MSDSs with a user-friendlier, 16-section format. According to OSHA, the information contained on each SDS must include the properties of each chemical; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing and transporting the chemical. This helps us know how to properly use all products and what they can and cannot be used with for safety reasons.

ServiceMaster of Wake County understands the requirements and properly follows all systems to ensure the safety of all employees and customers. Trust is a company that knows policies and procedures trust in a company whose utmost concern is your safety and the proper care of your property. Trust in ServiceMaster of Wake County and call today for a free estimate.

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