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Someone looking at XRAYSAny form of commercial cleaning, be it retail store cleaning or corporate cleaning, requires specialized knowledge and techniques to get sparkling surfaces and spaces. Most facilities that use commercial cleaning services are some of the busiest enterprises in town, so they cannot afford a lousy cleaning job because that will interfere with their work. An ill-kempt working space affects the efficiency of its employees and puts off clients. While that holds true for all community places, it is exceptionally accurate in the case of healthcare facilities.

If a healthcare facility is not adequately scrubbed and sanitized, it will turn away patients and bring down the efficiency of staff members. Plus, it will be harmful to patients with weak immunity. Sick people are more susceptible to picking up infections and viruses in an unclean environment. Therefore, a medical facility must have a pristine state of cleanliness so that its patients recover faster and stay safe.

Hiring the Right People for Healthcare Cleaning
So how can a healthcare center have an immaculately sanitized environment? It’s simple, by hiring the best healthcare cleaning services in town such as ServiceMaster Clean of Wake County.

Healthcare cleaning demands a number of specialized cleaning procedures and medical awareness. Cleaners employed at a medical center need to have the know-how of medical methods and tools, so they know how to disinfect those correctly. Also, they need to know how to work around bloodborne pathogens to keep everyone safe and healthy. Therefore, you need to hire competent and experienced cleaning professionals for your healthcare facility.

If a company offers you a great deal but claims only to have experience in office cleaning, don’t hire them because they are most likely to be unaware of the proper protocol for healthcare cleaning. When hiring a cleaning service, make sure their employees are well-trained and know how to meet the needs of a healthcare facility.

ServiceMaster Clean for the Ultimate Clean!
We at ServiceMaster Clean of Wake County train our employees rigorously to prepare them for healthcare cleaning. Our training program focuses on the following areas.

  • Basic safety requirements
  • Bloodborne pathogen safety
  • Wearing and handling personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Sharps precautions and handling
  • Laundry precautions and handling
  • Reading, understanding and following specific signage and labels
  • HIPAA regulations
  • Exposure control plans
  • HazMat/HazCom procedures
  • Proper hand hygiene
  • Principles of microbiology
  • By hiring us for your medical facility, you will ensure a healthy and clean environment for your patients and staff.

If you have any other cleaning needs and are looking for commercial cleaning services in Raleigh, NC, contact us now. We have over 65 years of commercial-building-maintenance experience. We offer all kinds of cleaning services; from retail cleaning to school cleaning, we have it all. Reach out to us today for store cleaning, office cleaning, or healthcare cleaning at the most reasonable rates.

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