Should I have my Office Cleaned by an In-House employee or should I Outsource?

Service Master Clean of Wake County Staff Cleaning officeShould I have my Office Cleaned by an In-House employee or should I Outsource my Cleaning and Janitorial Needs to Professionals

The question of whether to have someone at your office clean your workspace is a common dilemma. Many businesses feel that in order to cut costs they must first cut the expendable services such as janitorial services. The problem is that now someone in house is going to be required to do the cleaning or hiring a new employee to do the cleaning. Either of these solutions brings more problems and added expenses.

If you request a current employee to take on the cleaning tasks without compensating them for this new task, the common outcome is a frustrated employee performing insufficient cleaning. On the other end, if you choose to hire someone new to clean your office in-house in an attempt to cut costs, you’re going to have the opposite effect on your budget. The hourly rate of an employee to clean for you in-house is typically greater than the hourly rate of professional commercial cleaners and janitorial staffs. When you hire someone in-house for this task there are additional line items you now have to calculate into the equation like payroll taxes, insurance, supplies and equipment. These added costs will likely equal or more than likely exceed the cost of what you were spending on a commercial cleaning service like ServiceMaster of Wake County.

In addition to the finances, when you outsource your cleaning needs to professionals you have peace of mind that not only is your office being cleaned properly and efficiently but also in the most cost effective manner. Should there be a disaster such as a broken pipe or fire, the use of Servicemaster as your janitorial service provider will open the door to Servicemaster Clean’s partner, Servicemaster Restore; a disaster restoration service running 365 days a year 24 hours a day and available when disasters strike. This prompt action can save valuable documents, inventory and property that might otherwise be unsalvageable.

Next time your business is looking at the budget and determining where to cut costs, take a second thought at cutting the cleaning costs because in the end, the alternative won’t really save you any money.

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