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We spend 40+ hours each week at work; wouldn’t it be nice if we could simplify our work days so those hours feel more productive and less hectic? Check out this list of ways to simplify your workload and increase your workday productivity.

  1. When writing emails, keep it short to about 3-4 sentences. It will drastically shorten the time to write emails but it shortens replies to others’ emails too. If it’s a topic that requires more than 3-4 sentences, consider a phone call or meeting.
  2. Batch tasks that can be seen as distractions into chunks. This includes checking emails, reading blogs, browsing social media etc. Grouping these tasks into one time period allows you to focus on other work first so that your “distraction time” is less of an escape from more and more of a task alongside your work.
  3. Make short manageable lists, and prioritize them in levels of urgency and importance. Lists that are too long and tedious are often overwhelming and lead to more distractions however; prioritized, specific lists increase productivity tremendously.
  4. Start your day early and go into work before the hustle and bustle of the normal workday begins. Your can check voicemails, respond to emails and get a lot more work done in peace with less distractions.
  5. Clear your desk of knick-knacks and distractions, only keep the most essential items at an arms length. It’s been shown that less clutter and mess can increase productivity and focus.
  6. Take breathing breaks to refocus and collect your thoughts. It could something as simple as walking around and getting your blood circulating to massaging your own shoulders or even taking a quick walk outside for fresh air. When you get back to work you are more likely to ward off distractions as you gave yourself an opportunity to tend to them already.
  7. Schedule your important calls and meetings around distractions, or distractions around your important matters. If the janitor walks past every day at 2pm to collect trash, don’t schedule conference calls at this time, or leave your trash can outside your office or cubicle as to not be disturbed. Companies like Servicemaster of Wake County can perform all regular cleaning services after hours as well so to not disturb the productivity of your staff. Consult with your supervisors and team members of when they feel the most effective and least distracting time would be for the office to be cleaned.
  8. Limiting how much your work forces you to be more effective with your time, so try to prevent long nights burning the midnight oil and leaving with the night watchman to ensure you’re more productive during the day.
  9. Limit meetings to those, which that content cannot be easily communicated through phone or email. Too many tedious meetings without agendas can lead to less focus, poor time management and lower productivity.
  10. Take water breaks and stay hydrated. As mentioned in a previous blog post, staying hydrated can have a profound effect on your mood, health and ultimate productivity.
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