Spring Cleaning at Work: Simple Tips for Tidying Up Your Office

messy desk covered in coffee cups with laptop

It’s almost Springtime and for many that means spring cleaning at home, but you can’t forget about the place where you spend more time at than you do your home; your office. We’ve composed some simple tips for tidying up your office this spring-cleaning season.

The biggest culprit of mess is often your own desk. It can get clutter with office supplies, covered in papers you forgot to file, trash or recyclable that didn’t fit in the bins, and even old lunch takeout boxes. Whatever is cluttering you desk and preventing you from being productive has to go. If it’s broke, has no use or is outdated and not frequently needed it needs to somewhere like a file cabinet or the trash.

While it can be more convenient to eat your desk, it’s messy and leaves germs behind. Have you ever successfully eaten spaghetti near your keyboard and managed to not get sauce or noodle on between the keys? Probably not. Sauce splatters on the monitor and anything in reach. Avoid food clogging into your keyboard between keys, trash around your desk and germs invading your space by taking your lunch away from your desk and eating somewhere that is a dedicated rest area such as the break room, kitchen or even a common area outside. With the weather getting nicer you should take every advantage to get out of the office, enjoy the weather, get some fresh air and go outdoors to enjoy your lunch.

Try to organize everything in reach. This tip is especially helpful when trying to de-clutter your desk. There should be a place for everything and everything in its place. If it doesn’t’ have a place, it probably needs to go.

Ensure you have trash receptacles and recycling bins property labeled, regularly cleaned out and conveniently placed throughout the office. A full trashcan defeats the purpose of its use because trash overflows and eventually you stop using it because no one has emptied it. In addition, if you can’t find a trashcan or recycling bin you are more likely to simply leave the item on your desk or in your office. This leads to clutter and mess and defeats the purpose of de-cluttering and spring-cleaning.

Spring-cleaning is a great excuse to ask for new office supplies from HR as well. You will quickly find that when your desk is clean and clear of clutter you will be more productive and probably less anxious or stressed because your work isn’t caving in on you…literally.

If you need help cleaning the rest of your office space, call ServiceMaster of Wake County today for a free estimate and learn how to get your workspace cleaned on the regular, not just during Spring-cleaning season.


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