Supervision of your Account and Cleaning Services

Service StaffAs we have already reviewed, hiring a commercial cleaning service is not something you want to go into willy-nilly without doing your research. Just as you are selective on who you hire as an employee, as you should be for the company you hire to keep your workplace clean. The cleanliness of your business is vital to the satisfaction of your customers and ultimately your company’s success.

In addition to all the other questions you should asking when hiring a commercial cleaning service, a very important question to ask about is regarding the supervision of your account. Will there be someone on site during the cleaning that ensures everything is up to par? Will there be someone who’s job responsibility is to ensure your business’s account is up to date and that you are satisfied with your services at all times? These are very important things to note because a second set of eyes is vital to spot any missed nooks, crannies or corners and an account manager oversees your billing, the particular services your request and makes sure you, the business owner, are satisfied with all the cleaning services your receive. The owner may not always be present at the building or the specified property to supervise the cleaning, nor is it the responsibility of the business owner to be there while cleaning is being performed, hence why there are supervisors and account managers. Supervisors are your main point of contact, thus they know how you want your business cleaned and know how to direct their teams to do it correctly so that your business is left just how you like it, only cleaner.

There are various cleaning companies in the area, and for the most part, they do the same thing; clean your workplace. The difference comes down to quality and price of services. Many companies will try to cut corners by using lesser quality products and minimizing the size of the cleaning crew. The problem with this is that poor quality products lead to poor cleaning results and small cleaning crews mean more hours spent cleaning. You will not only be billed additional hours because it took their small team longer to clean your office than larger teams, but their poor quality cleaning products mean that they weren’t able to get your office or business as clean and sometimes sanitized as it should have been. This causes you to require them to come back and clean again. This might save the company you hired money, but it didn’t save you any. Those same companies that cut corners also often slack on proper supervision. They send a team to clean your workplace, but don’t send supervision to double check and oversee the process. This leads to spots being missed or looked over, which will in turn requires you to hire them again to clean up what they missed the first time. Hiring a company that uses the appropriate sized teams, high quality products and provides proper supervision will save your company money and time.

When a manager or supervisor handles your account, you know it’s going to be handled correctly. Hire a company like Servicemaster of Wake County, we understand the importance of account management and a second set of eyes to ensure your job is completed the right way the first time and that we won’t have to return due to your dissatisfaction. Proper supervision ensures it’s gets done right, the first time, everything.

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