Three Ways to Show your Customer and Clients You Appreciate Them

thank you written on a yellow post it padFebruary is traditionally a time to show appreciation for your significant other, but why not use this season to surprise your customers and clients and show them how much they mean to you? How would you feel if the president of the company you order from weekly called you out of the blue one day and thanked you for your business and asked for your feedback? How much would your respect for the brand increase? A lot right? The smallest gestures can mean the most and they don’t have to cost a lot either.

Here are three tips and suggestions for surprising your clients and customers with small gestures of appreciation. Not only will your clients and customers appreciate your efforts, but also it will create a deeper and more positive connection with your customers. In turn you can expect better reviews, connections and exposure.

1,  Provide long-time customers with a surprise, one-time special service or product for free or at a reduced rate. The surprise element makes this special.
2.  Send a personal, hand-written note that details the positive impact their continued loyalty has had on your business. Make it personal and specific to your experience with them.
3.  Pick up the phone and just say thank you and ask how else you can satisfy their needs. Making a patron feel like their ideas are important can go a long way.

The little things matter more thank you know, so work on the little things because while they don’t take a lot of time or effort they will go a long way. The goal is to turn loyal clients into brand ambassadors and it doesn’t have to cost a lot just your attention and creativity.

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