Top 3 Ways to Disinfect One of the Most Germ Infested Areas in your Office

Two coworkers in the breakroomThree easy ways to disinfect the most germ infested area in your office starts by uncovering what that space is. It goes by many names; kitchen, break room, coffee room, common room or breakout space, but the one thing it has it common is that it is a shared space for employees to relax, eat and escape from the stresses of their workload and desks. They are the most commonly used spaced in the office by the staff, which means they are most often exposed to germs.

The best way to start disinfecting the break room (or whatever you call it) is to start with those who use it. Always put up signage encouraging your staff to was their hands. While it may seem like common knowledge, according to BusinessWise, 39% of people don’t wash their hands after coughing or sneezing and over half don’t wah their hands after touching shared equipment, common surfaces or even public transportation. That means they are bringing germs from the outside into your office space. That is A LOT of germs ending up in keyboards, on phones, and other office supplies which in turn transfers to the break room. Disinfecting your germiest office location starts with the simple task of everyone washing their hands once they get to work, eating, using the restroom, touching a commonly used surface or coughing/sneezing.

Keep the refrigerator clean both inside and outside. Disinfect the refrigerator door handle frequently and clean out old food, spills, & crumbs inside at least weekly. Don’t let foot rot or mold before you remove them from the fridge. Asking employees to take home old food before the end of the week and then cleaning the unit at the end of every week allows for employees to be responsible and aware that sanitation and cleanliness is important to you and your business. Make sure employees are not reaching into the freezer ice bucket with their bare hands but rather use a scooper or the dispenser if your unit has one.

Clean every corner, nook, cranny and surface regularly. On average, you touch 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, exposing you to over 840,000 germs (according to BusinessWire). That’s 1,680,000 every hour, at a minimum! It takes only a few seconds to wipe down a counter, spray a door handle or use an ice scoop but that simple action could save you from getting ill from the germs around your office that are waiting to infect you.

Even if your office or business employs a janitorial service like ServiceMaster of Wake County, it’s still possible that germs can get overlooked between services. Ask your employees to clean up after themselves, throwaway old food, and to wash their hands regularly. While these are easy tasks to accomplish, they can make all the difference in the world.

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