Why You Should Go Green At Your Office

Earth is in the palm of hands - Why You Should Go Green At Your OfficeAs most people know, April 22 is Earth Day. It is held to bring awareness to environmental protection. We know why the world needs protecting but here are some facts from Eco-Cycle to remind you.

  • More than 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered in the United States each year, which comes out to 848 pieces per household.
  • In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more resources than in all previous history.
  • The “hole” in the stratospheric ozone layer over the Antarctic – the layer that protects people from harmful ultraviolet radiation – is now the largest it has ever been and is not expected to recover until between 2060 and 2075.

The question is not WHY you should go green at your office and home, it question is HOW. Start small, have recycling bins with different storage for different materials, minimize your direct mail marketing tactics, minimize packaging materials or opt for reusable and recycled packing materials and finally opt for energy efficient technology and lighting. You don’t need to get a composter for your workplace or quite printing documents altogether to go green, simply differentiating waste from recycle and using e-documents is enough of a start.

If you’re looking for ways to incentivize your team to go green and recycle, make it an in-office competition between departments of who can recycle the most materials and have the least waste go to the landfill. Inner-department competitions not only boost moral and increase work productivity but they give a sense of teamwork and comradely in addition to helping the earth at the same time.

Servicemaster of Wake County is proud to use “green” cleaning products developed by ServiceMaster Clean to provide the highest level of clean for our commercial clients, with minimal environmental impact. We understand that environmentally friendly, or “green cleaning” is more than a corporate responsibility; it can lead to a healthier, safer environment.

Look into programs like Green Seal that provide certifications, show you’re the tax benefits and environmental benefits of going green in a variety of ways. These programs often work alongside your entire team to find ways to cut waste, energy use and environmental hazards. When you show the community you’re environmentally friendly in your business, you can often earn new business so don’t look at Green Certifications and “going green” as just a benefit to the environment, it can also help your business!

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