Your office space is where you and your fellow employees probably spend a significant part of the day. No one wants to be coughing up a sea of dust and pollen as they work.But alas, dust, grime, and pollen are part of everyday life. While it may not be possible to eliminate them completely, you can definitely make sure they’re less of a nuisance by
Food allergies are illnesses that cause an adverse reaction in consumers as a result of a specific ingredient or food. An estimated 6 to 7 million Americans suffer from some kind of food allergy. While the word allergy brings to mind a harmless sneeze or an itch, the truth is that allergic reactions to food can be severe and in
 We don’t just mean sweeping the floor and taking out the trash. We mean the kind of deep clean that makes you feel like you are in a space that is fresh, clean and somewhere you can be happy to work in. If you’re still in doubt of how a clean office leads to increased productivity, we show you four ways to change your mind!1. Reduce
Go outside; the airplanes flying over RDU are deafening, Jordan Lake is getting polluted, and 540 around 5 o’clock is a parking lot. While we could wait for our legislators to do something about all this, they seem to be busy with other things at the present. We could try to be more careful around the house by recycling, composting and limiting wat
Even though we do sometimes called a hairpiece a rug, a carpet is not like hair, if you make a mistake or have an accident it won’t grow back. However, if you don’t treat carpet like hair you might end up with a bald hallway.While carpeting in the workspace can brighten and open up space, cleaning it can be more difficult than hardwood or linoleum
Public awareness has caused growing concern about indoor mold and mildew in the workplace. OSHA and CDC have both issued comprehensive guides and information packets on mold and mildew in homes and workplaces.Mold is basically fungi that thrive in moist, damp, and humid conditions. They can easily grow both indoors and outdoors if the growing condi
                                  Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Color Coding 
Three easy ways to disinfect the most germ infested area in your office starts by uncovering what that space is. It goes by many names; kitchen, break room, coffee room, common room or breakout space, but the one thing it has it common is that it is a shared space for employees to relax, eat and escape from the stresses of their workload and desks.
It’s almost Springtime and for many that means spring cleaning at home, but you can’t forget about the place where you spend more time at than you do your home; your office. We’ve composed some simple tips for tidying up your office this spring-cleaning season.The biggest culprit of mess is often your own desk. It can get clutter with office suppli

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