What are some effective ways to protect your office against the flu?Smart employers who take a proactive approach to manage their businesses seek the answer to this question before the dreaded flu season arrives. And for all the right reasons too.Based on the data collected by the Centers for Disease Control, employees in the U.S. miss a total of a
While most businesses will try their best to keep their office places spotless, there will often be areas that will get overlooked. In this short checklist, we present you with the 10 things most businesses forget to clean.1. Door Knobs & Switch PlatesA good way to spread illness around the office is by neglecting cleaning your doorknobs &
Offices are generally kept clean, especially spaces where clients and guests frequent. However, there are times like big brand campaigns where things can get a little messy.For example, let’s consider your company is launching a new product. During the planning and designing process, your team will be constantly using the workspace. There will be p
 Each year winter comes with unwanted visitors. The influenza virus causes flu season to hit each year without fail. In 2017, the CDC reported having one of the worst years as there were a record-breaking number of cold and flu cases.As the virus poses health risks to anyone that comes in contact with it, having an outbreak at work can be bad.
Just because certain things are out of sight doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. There are certain areas of the workplace that often get overlooked or passed over by most commercial cleaning service but with the Servicemaster of Wake County way…these areas never get overlooked.Artificial plants are great. You never have to water them, they alw
You might not realize it, but the flooring of any room has a huge impact on how you perceive it. Imagine walking into one of the USA’s most luxurious hotels and looking down to see a tattered and stained carpet. Or walking into an office building or a lawyer’s firm and seeing threadbare carpets.It’s pretty easy to assume that the first impress
Over the years, Service Master Clean has transformed many break rooms. This has made us privy to the importance of having a clean and organized break room.The break room is a safe sanctuary for employees. It provides them with a space where they can unwind and have a few moments away from their busy schedule. It’s there so they can have coffee, lun
The need for cleaning contaminants from walls first came up in hospitals. Dealing with so many patients on a regular basis, hospitals wanted to make sure that they used the required appliances and techniques for the reduction of contaminants. It was believed that contaminants and allergens could also spread through the means of cleaning application
When looking for a service provider, so many people prioritize getting a cheaper quote over getting licensed and insured professionals. And while that bit of extra cash that you might end up saving may seem appealing, it comes at the cost of risking the quality of work you’re getting as well as increasing the risks associated with possible damage.I

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