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We at Servicemaster of Wake County love our coffee; in fact we call it “productivity juice” because it keeps up productive and pushing through the hardest tasks. Many offices and workplaces, like Servicemaster, offer coffee to their employees with either traditional coffee makers like Mr. Coffee or other brand OR their use single use (pod […]

There’s so much that goes into cleaning commercial spaces than meets the eye. Companies go to great lengths to façade commercial cleaning as only being about cleaning, but we at Servicemaster of Wake County are here to share that commercial cleaning is more than just about the cleaning. It’s about the safety, security, sanitation and […]

The weather in Wake County has been quite the roller coaster lately and research shows that weather can contribute to low work productivity and morale. Research has shown that improving the work environment can boost employee productivity and happiness. And happier, more productive employees lead to more success for the company. We’ve composed a list […]

Spring is here and with Spring time comes allergies. With another harsh allergy season ahead, taking measures to reduce allergens in your workplace is more important than ever. Here in North Carolina, that means the yellow dust, aka, pollen is about to take over the state and our lives. While it may seem like a […]

As we have already reviewed, hiring a commercial cleaning service is not something you want to go into willy-nilly without doing your research. Just as you are selective on who you hire as an employee, as you should be for the company you hire to keep your workplace clean. The cleanliness of your business is […]

Keeping a clean office isn’t hard to do; the trick is finding the time. We’ve composed 10 handy office-cleaning hacks to help you keep your workspace clean between the regular scheduled cleanings your company arranges. A can of compressed air is a must, but if you don’t have a can laying around then the hair […]

Chewing gum is fun to chew and sometimes even blow bubbles, but when it falls out of your mouth and sticks to something then the fun ends pretty quickly. Getting gum on the couch and our hair was awful enough when we were children and didn’t know better, but now that we are adults its […]

Dust is that not all fluffy bunnies and fairy wing sparkles. Dust is simply a pretty word for something actually quite disgusting and unclean. In the real world, dust is composed of dead skin cells, bugs, animal dander, fur, hair fibers, dust mites, pollen, and many other particles you probably never want to know are […]

  Just like every home is different, every workplace is different too. There are a variety of factors that go into the necessity of cleaning frequency in the workplace, not just day-to-day pickup. While there are some things you must do everyday, not all commercial spaces and businesses require a professional a team to come […]