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How to Improve Employee Productivity and Happiness

The weather in Wake County has been quite the roller coaster lately and research shows that weather can contribute to low work productivity and morale. Research has shown that improving the work environment can boost employee productivity and happiness. And happier, more productive employees lead to more success for the company.

We’ve composed a list of a few ways you can improve your office work environment for the betterment of your staff and team.

  • Invest in comfortable seating and nice furniture to show your care about their well-being and health. Proper posture and comfort when sitting (or standing) at a desk has shown to reflect on the productivity and attention one puts towards projects.
  • Ensure your office is well lit, poor lighting leads to poor productivity and performance
  • Have a space for employees to escape and relax, such as a break room or relaxation room. This allows employees to take a break and have time for social interaction without distracting other employees who may still be working
  • Encourage collaboration and team work
  • Have small work areas where employees can step away from their desks or offices to work together in teams on projects. This space will encourage team collaboration without distracting others around them
  • Keep the office clean of dust, allergens, dirt and mess. A clean office is a happy office and a happy office inspires productivity and better quality work.

Call your local cleaning company, like Servicemaster of Wake County, and request regular cleanings. If employees are trying to work in filth, sadly their work may reflect that because they are not focused on their work but the mess surrounding them. Clean offices are not only more sanitary and welcoming to others but they are more productive and successful in business than a dirty or messy workplace.