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The Importance of Cleaning Doors In Your Office

It’s the first thing someone touches when they come into your office. It’s the last thing someone touches when they leave your office. You touch them multiple times a day. They’re doors. Doors are the most touched and used items in a commercial building and yet they are the most commonly overlooked item when being cleaned. Have you ever thought about how many doors are in your building? There are entry doors, hallways doors, office doors, bathroom doors and the list goes on. As doors are such high traffic areas, they are prone to bacteria and germs and can easily transfer viruses between everyone at your office.

Your commercial cleaner should know the proper ways to clean a door, but not all cleaning companies are equal. Make sure that all areas of the door are being cleaned and disinfected properly, not just the doorknobs. Don’t forget the top edge of the doorframe, the hinges, door surface and the area about the doorknob; especially on doors that are simply push doors. People will often push on any surface of the door to open the door so make sure those areas are properly wiped down. If you scrub too hard, the paint will come off, but a properly trained cleaning company knows how to disinfect a door without damaging the paint.

The teams at ServiceMaster of Wake County are extensively trained to property and effectively clean and disinfect doors to ensure your office and doors are clean, germ-free and free of fingerprints and smudges. If you want your office, including doors, cleaned properly then take a moment to get a FREE estimate from ServiceMaster of Wake County today!