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Should I have my Office Cleaned by an In-House employee or should I Outsource?

Have you ever noticed that after scrubbing your floors you can still run a damp paper towel over it and the towel is still dirty? That’s not because the floor is still dirty, there is far more to the story. Most businesses have a Vinyl Composite Tile for their choice of floor, and this flooring […]

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, what is used to clean with is extremely important to how well your office and work area gets cleaned. In addition to the actual products being important, what you use is just as important. Microfiber is a must-have in every cleaning crew’s arsenal for a variety of reasons. Microfiber […]

As we have already reviewed, hiring a commercial cleaning service is not something you want to go into willy-nilly without doing your research. Just as you are selective on who you hire as an employee, as you should be for the company you hire to keep your workplace clean. The cleanliness of your business is […]

Keeping a clean office isn’t hard to do; the trick is finding the time. We’ve composed 10 handy office-cleaning hacks to help you keep your workspace clean between the regular scheduled cleanings your company arranges. A can of compressed air is a must, but if you don’t have a can laying around then the hair […]

Background checks are vital for many careers and jobs in America these days but why are they so important? Background checks fill many needs: to enhance security in the workforce, to reduce turnover, to minimize the occurrence of worker burglary and to leave you with the genuine feelings of serenity that your property, both physical […]

Who hasn’t enjoyed the bubbling of hydrogen peroxide when its poured on a dirty surface? That bubbling is more than just entertainment, its cleaning and sanitation in action. Hydrogen peroxide – also referred to as H2O2 – is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you provide a safer, cleaner space, with lower […]

Among the list of important questions to ask the commercial cleaning service you’re considering to hire, ask about their products they intend on using to clean your office or workspace. If they don’t work with or use some citrus cleaning products, you may want to look for another provider. Citrus cleaning products, in addition to […]

Hiring a commercial cleaning service to clean and sanitize your commercial space is not something to be taken lightly. You want to make sure you do your research and trust the business that will be keeping your business clean and free of mess, dirt and germs. We’ve composed the top 6 questions to ask when […]