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Hydrogen Peroxide in Cleaning Products

Who hasn’t enjoyed the bubbling of hydrogen peroxide when its poured on a dirty surface? That bubbling is more than just entertainment, its cleaning and sanitation in action. Hydrogen peroxide – also referred to as H2O2 – is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you provide a safer, cleaner space, with lower […]

Among the list of important questions to ask the commercial cleaning service you’re considering to hire, ask about their products they intend on using to clean your office or workspace. If they don’t work with or use some citrus cleaning products, you may want to look for another provider. Citrus cleaning products, in addition to […]

Hiring a commercial cleaning service to clean and sanitize your commercial space is not something to be taken lightly. You want to make sure you do your research and trust the business that will be keeping your business clean and free of mess, dirt and germs. We’ve composed the top 6 questions to ask when […]

No one likes talking about worse case scenarios but it is those worst case scenarios that no one wants to talk about that you need to be prepared for. There are plenty f questions to ask when hiring a commercial cleaning service, such as background checks, products used, experience, equipment used and especially, liability coverage. […]

Chewing gum is fun to chew and sometimes even blow bubbles, but when it falls out of your mouth and sticks to something then the fun ends pretty quickly. Getting gum on the couch and our hair was awful enough when we were children and didn’t know better, but now that we are adults its […]

Dust is that not all fluffy bunnies and fairy wing sparkles. Dust is simply a pretty word for something actually quite disgusting and unclean. In the real world, dust is composed of dead skin cells, bugs, animal dander, fur, hair fibers, dust mites, pollen, and many other particles you probably never want to know are […]

  Just like every home is different, every workplace is different too. There are a variety of factors that go into the necessity of cleaning frequency in the workplace, not just day-to-day pickup. While there are some things you must do everyday, not all commercial spaces and businesses require a professional a team to come […]

To clean with green or not to clean with green…that is the question. How would you like to walk into your workplace each day and know it was professionally cleaned and sanitized; yet it didn’t reek of chemicals? It is possible with green products, like Green For™. Green For™ products are exclusively made for Servicemaster […]

Go outside; the airplanes flying over RDU are deafening, Jordan Lake is getting polluted, and 540 around 5 o’clock is a parking lot. While we could wait for our legislators to do something about all this, they seem to be busy with other things at the present.  We could try to be more careful around […]

Even though we do sometimes called a hairpiece a rug, a carpet is not like hair, if you make a mistake or have an accident it won’t grow back. However, if you don’t treat carpet like hair you might end up with a bald hallway. While carpeting in the workspace can brighten and open up […]