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Top 10 Office Cleaning Hacks

Keeping a clean office isn’t hard to do; the trick is finding the time. We’ve composed 10 handy office-cleaning hacks to help you keep your workspace clean between the regular scheduled cleanings your company arranges.SVM Trash

  1. A can of compressed air is a must, but if you don’t have a can laying around then the hair dryer in your gym bag. If you do have to use the hair dryer, make sure it’s on the coolest setting.
  2. Use paper towels rather than expensive Swiffer cloths to do dry cleaning. You can even adhere them to the Swiffer mop base!
  3. Baby wipes aren’t just for babies anymore. Baby wipes clean up some messy situations and are meant for tough dirty work, so they are perfectly equipped for wiping your desk, phone, mouse and so much more. Keep a packet handy for spills and quick clean ups.
  4. The office microwave is one of the dirtiest and grimiest places in the office. It never fails, someone heats up spaghetti and it explodes. Embarrassed, they walk away leaving the sauce to dry and become crusty. Rather than letting it sit, next time, fill a bowl with water and microwave it for 3 minutes. The steam will loosen the dried food thus making it easier to wipe clean.
  5. If you have crumbs inside your keyboard, use the sticky side of post-it notes to get them out. It’s great for crumbs, dust and picking up that stray staple that went flying.
  6. Binder clips are great for everything. As cellphone stands, cord organizer and even as paper clips. Never underestimate what you can do with a binder clip.
  7. Don’t use antibacterial wipes on your monitors, screens or electronic devices. You may think you’re sanitizing them, but in truth, you’re damaging the protective coating with the alcohol in antibacterial wipes. Try using a cleaner meant for electronics of just a soft paper towel. If there is grease, spray a little warm water on the paper towel and wipe it clean. Never spray directly on your devices!
  8. Everyone has accidentally used a permanent marker on a white board at least once. Use a dry erase marker to remove permanent marker mistakes from the office white board. Take a dry erase marker and write on top of the permanent marker then using a soft cloth, wipe it away.
  9. Keep a dryer sheet in the trashcan to limit odors and if necessary, wash the inside with dishwasher detergent. No one likes a smelly staff kitchen! An added bonus of dryer sheets is during warmer weathers they can tame static hair and clothing. Simply run a sheet over your hair and outfit to prevent static. This hack is great when your skirt stick to your panty hose or you have frizzy hair from a scarf.
  10. Keep your scissors fresh and clear of sticky residue with vinegar. This will also keep them from rusting and works great on hole punchers and other metal office tools too.

If you use these handy office-cleaning hacks you workplace will be cleaner, fresher and more welcoming to productivity. Don’t forget to have your workplace schedule regular deep cleans from a commercial cleaning service or janitorial staff.

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