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USGBC LEED Program for Commercial Spaces

green cleanGo outside; the airplanes flying over RDU are deafening, Jordan Lake is getting polluted, and 540 around 5 o’clock is a parking lot. While we could wait for our legislators to do something about all this, they seem to be busy with other things at the present.  We could try to be more careful around the house by recycling, composting and limiting water use, but there is a better option. Can you guess what can have a bigger impact on the environment than your carefully separated trash? It’s you job-site or workplace!

Now that you know where you can make a big impact on the environment, the question is how do you do it? One of the solutions is LEED.  We don’t mean the LED light bulbs they make here in the triangle, we mean LEED, as is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a green building rating system from the USGBC.  Don’t start thinking that you need to tear down your old building and create a new sparkling green site. You can actually achieve LEED status without starting from scratch, especially since the environmental impact of tearing down and building can take years to balance out.  If you focus on the operations and maintenance of the existing structure, according to LEED O+M certification guidelines, you can still achieve LEED status.

To start the process and to learn more, you can visit their U.S. Green Building Council website. LEED has a point system that leads to higher levels of certification, so there is always room to grow. Each new level comes with new recognitions and initiatives, plus bragging rights of course.

This is the point where Service Master of Wake County comes in.  Service Master of Wake County can help you get points and credits to achieve LEED status.  We can help point you in the right direction with our commercial cleaning, waste management and janitorial services. Using our services will help show the USGBC and your community that you are doing your part to overall better the environment.

If you wish to go green and also save some money in the process, LEED and Service Master of Wake County is the way to go. Call us today for your FREE estimate and ask how we can help you get your LEED credits and points. Start the process to develop a healthier, more responsible work environment and workplace with lower operation costs today…LEED is the way!




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